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pluritec giga8888 drilling machine laser station (DLR)

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DLR station was a piece of laser station, which was used on Pluritec machine, giga8888 drilling machine. It can check the broken tools and unnormal statement. Once checking the wrong tools, ( missing tools or broken tools), it will tell the computer to stop. Our DLR station was used and refurbished, its function was very well. 

And anything wrong happen to our DLR station, we will exchange and afford all the cost.


Kexin Electronics (HK) Industrial Limited

 we mainly supply PCB drilling routing machine parts, like Pluritec, posalux, schmoll, excellon, Jevco, Hitachi, Jager, precise and Taliang, Lih Song, Anderson and so on. 
Main products included PCB drilling and routing machine & parts and Spindle repair. 
Machine included CNC drilling milling machine, PCB Punching machine, CNC v-score machine, drilling machine, HAL machine, Pinning machine, film punching machine, exposure machine...


Parts cover collet, spindle, AC servo drive, AC servo motor, bearing, shaft assy, pressure foot assembly, routing brush, cylinder, tool cassette, drill laser, collet key, drill bit, V-score blade .....
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