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How to make Printed Circuit Boards(PCBs)?

Published by admin September 27,2023

      The production of circuit boards is a relatively complicated process. It basically requires corresponding equipments for processing and need a lot of effort and cost.


The Manufacturing Process



The Manufacturing Machines


Engineering Photoplotler; Film exposure Machine
Cutting Shearing machine
Lamination Brown Oxide Line; Lamination machine; Scrubbing Machine
Drilling CNC Driller
Grinding panel Scrubbing machine
Pattern Transfer Dry Film Laminator; UV Exposure Machine/LDI
Pattern Plating Electric Plating Line
Dry/Wet film stripping Stripping Line
Etching Etching Line
Solder Mask Silk Screen printing machine;  UV Exposure Machine/LDI
Curing Oven
Surface Treatment OSP Line
Routing CNC Router
Testing AOI; 3DAOI


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