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How to maintenance Spindle at your side ?

Published by admin May 20,2024

As we know drilling is one of the most important and time-consuming processes during PCB manufacture.

so you must carefully do it because even a slight mistake can cause a severe impact on the PCB quality.
Many factors can affect the results of drilling. The drilling machine, spindle, backup and entry board, as well as drill bits
Regarding for the spindle,we know #Westwind high speed air bearing spindle is a very good choose.

and of course you need do #spindlemaintenance regularly to make sure they are always in a best condition.

How to maintenance Spindle at your side ?

1. Every time before starting the spindle, please check air pipe and cooling system with right parameters on duty and

make sure no gas or water is leaked out. Before operating, please check all parameters of the spindle.

2. Clean the inner hole of collet every day without dirty things and check the torque,

static and dynamic Run-out of collet depending on the technical parameters.

3. Check and exchange air filter and coolant liquid regularly depending on the requirements of equipment supplier.

4. Disassemble and clean the spindle every year to make sure that all parts have no dirt and the bearings are in qualified condition.